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Writing at Work

Are you looking for help with your business writing skills?

Look no further. Writing Nest is all about business writing.
Whether you want tailored in-house writing skills courses, one-to-one coaching or practical online tips and e-learning  - you've come to the right place.

E- learning courses


Impress your clients, customers and colleagues with clear, concise writing. We have a range of courses that provide practical tips and techniques that you can use straight away in your writing at work.




Our one-to-one business writing coaching is worth its weight in gold. You get a well-prepared and knowledgeable tutor all to yourself, who will focus entirely on your own current work.




Busy people need access to training courses at a time and place that’s convenient to them. Our portfolio of business writing e-learning courses has something for everyone looking to perfect their writing skills.


Quick tips

Quick tips

Our Quick Tips are exactly what you’d expect them to be. Even if you’re in a hurry, you can improve your business writing work by dipping in to our free bite-size learning resources.

Why the Writing Nest?

Developing skills. Building confidence. Training that's tried and tested.

Writing at work

Most people do some kind of writing at work. It’s the main way that organisations communicate internally and externally. So it’s important that people at all levels in a business know how to get their messages across quickly, clearly and professionally.

It’s not always possible to provide face-to-face training so Writing Nest started out providing e-learning on business writing as a cost-effective way to improve writing skills. Now we’ve joined with Work on Writing to offer in-house courses and one-to-one coaching. The Writing Nest story will give you more background.

What we do

We’ve been designing and delivering business writing training for over 15 years. We specialise in bespoke in-house courses, one-to-one coaching and e-learning. Whatever you need to work on - emails, letters, reports, appraisals, bids – our experienced tutors can show you how to get your message across professionally.

The Writing Nest is for anyone who writes as part of their working life. If you're in business, in the public sector, or in any organisation where the quality of your writing really matters, we're here to help. We’ll show you how to produce documents that are clear and concise, and you’ll turn them out quicker too.

We’re firm believers that plain-speaking works best in business writing. So if you want practical, down-to-earth advice get in touch.

How we do it

All our courses are relevant and practical.

Our in-house business writing courses are always tailored for our clients. We review the documents that delegates write and we create exercises that are directly relevant to their work. Delegates can practise new techniques during the course and immediately understand how to implement them once they get back to work.

Our one-to-one writing skills coaching is always based on the delegate’s own writing. So it focusses on the specific issues relevant to the individual.

Our writing skills e-learning courses cover lots of different topics so delegates can choose to work on the issues relevant to them.

And anyone can dip in for a quick tip if there’s a particular point they want to check.

What you'll achieve

  • Clear and concise documents
  • Accurate grammar and punctuation
  • Increased confidence
  • Better written communication

E-learning subscriptions

Do you want to improve your business writing at a pace and a time that suits you?

Our e-learning courses provide lots of tips and techniques for improving your business writing. You can access them at any time and stop and start whenever you want. There are practical exercises to help you practise the new business writing techniques you learn.

You can purchase individual e-learning courses or you can subscribe to all of the courses for 12 months and work on your writing over time.

Click here for subscription information.

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