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Business writing course with coaching 


This is one of our most popular forms of business writing training. It combines a morning workshop with one-to-one coaching in the afternoon. Delegates will learn to develop a well-organised approach to business writing and learn techniques for writing efficiently and effectively.

Delegates are asked to provide a sample of their own writing approximately 2 weeks before the course.  During the coaching sessions our experienced tutors provide highly focused and constructive feedback.  At the end of the session each delegate receives a 'personal prescription' with recommendations and techniques to use in the future.


As a result of the session delegates will be able to:

  • identify clear objectives and plan their writing effectively
  • tackle common problems with English usage
  • write documents that are concise, clear and easy to read
  • review documents more effectively
Business writing course with coaching
Business writing course with coaching


  • Developing styles to suit different readers
  • Clarifying the document’s objectives
  • Planning techniques and structural tools
  • Organising ideas and paragraphs
  • Writing sentences that ‘flow’
  • Persuasive writing – making sure the document delivers
  • Setting the right tone and adding emphasis
  • Reviewing skills for documents that are easy to read




3-hour workshop in the morning where delegates work together to learn key writing skills.

In the afternoon, each delegate will receive a one-to-one coaching session which will look at their individual writing technique, habits and style. Our tutors provide practical guidance and help delegates to make improvements to their written work.


1 day


Anyone wanting to improve their business writing skills

Maximum 10 delegates


Doug Robinson

Linda Moran



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To discuss how we can help call Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300.