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Managing other people's writing


If you want to develop the skills for bringing out the best writing in your department, “Managing other people’s writing” is the course for all your managers and supervisors.

We can help you identify the main writing challenges and develop the skills to meet them. We’ll give you our “Supervisor’s Toolkit” to help you get the most from your team’s written work as painlessly as possible


As a result of attending the course, you will:

  • achieve better and more consistent writing from your team
  • effectively delegate written work
  • supervise drafts in seconds, not minutes
  • save time and effort
  • articulate feedback so that your team improve
Managing other people's writing
Managing other people's writing


  • Setting achievable standards.
  • Techniques for better first drafts.
  • Encouraging flexibility – a range of structural tools.
  • English usage - “What’s your authority?”
  • Communicating about grammar – prescriptive or descriptive?
  • Measurable qualities for assessing written work.
  • Making sure they do the work.
  • High speed supervision.


A workshop with in-tray exercises based on the team’s work. Delegates benefit from discussions with their peers about effective techniques and consistency.


Coaching for individuals


1 - 3 hours


Professionals responsible for managing other people’s writing

Maximum 8 delegates


Peter Kinch

Doug Robinson

Creating a course for your delegates

We always tailor our in-house courses. We liaise with our clients to ensure that we understand and deliver the key messages they want. And we include exercises relevant to their delegates’ work.


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