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Mastering minutes


In order to produce excellent minutes of a meeting you need to be prepared, take good notes, understand the purpose of the minutes and have a sound grip on the basics of good written communication.

The course addresses all of these points and is perfect for all individuals who are tasked with this role.


As a result of attending the course, you will:

  • plan more effectively;
  • minimise the cost to the business of unproductive meetings;
  • produce accurate minutes quickly; and
  • use minutes to make sure things get done.
Effective minute taking
Effective minute taking


1. Identify the problems

  • “Have-a-go” at minute-taking (first video exercise)
  • Discuss personal behaviour at meetings
  • Discuss minutes (examples of poor quality minutes)
  • Identify the risk management issues
  • Improving listening skills

2. Find practical techniques to improve minute-taking

  • Ground rules – how they can help
  • What needs to be recorded? - defining the purpose
  • Action based minutes – identifying actions and outcomes
  • Matter of record – minuting arguments and key points
  • Abbreviation exercise - Do I need to learn shorthand? (No)
  • Use of templates, styles, presentation, layout
  • Freedom of Information Act and confidentiality issues
  • Personal assertiveness as minute-taker

3. Apply the techniques

  • “Have-a-go” at minute-taking (second video exercise)
  • Critical analysis of minutes taken

4. Formulate a clear guide to best practice

  • Produce a summary of the key learning points
  • Tutor guidance to remind delegates how to alter their approach


Video, short input sessions and discussions, relevant exercises and tutor feedback on delegates’ work.


Anyone who writes minutes

Maximum 15 delegates


3 hours


Doug Robinson

Creating a course for your delegates

We always tailor our in-house courses. We liaise with our clients to ensure that we understand and deliver the key messages they want. And we include exercises relevant to their delegates’ work.


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