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Online business writing course

We have recently launched an online business writing course with a difference. It is part e-learning and part face-to-face online coaching. It provides all the flexibility of e-learning, combined with individual attention from an experienced tutor. This is what helps our delegates to make lasting changes in their approach to writing, which brings about permanent improvements.


Here’s how the course works.

Four Sections

There are the four separate sections, each of which includes online exercises as well as personal coaching.

  1. Planning your writing
  2. Paragraphs, sentences and grammar
  3. Emphasis, tone and writing to persuade
  4. Review

What happens in each section?

We will guide you through a range of writing techniques and ask you to complete some writing exercises. When you have completed them you will receive an email with an appointment for a 30 minute online coaching session. During the coaching session the tutor will review your exercises with you and help to consolidate what you have learned from the course so far.

How long will each section take?

About one hour for the e-learning and exercises, and another 30 minutes for the coaching.

How will I find my way through each section?

There is a menu to navigate through the course. You can go back over a section at any time by selecting the topic from the menu.

How do you do the teaching?

You’ll find a lively mix of video tuition, reading materials and exercises.

What’s involved in the exercises?

There are thought-provoking texts to read, questions to be answered, and quizzes to help you check what you have learned. When you complete and submit the exercises your answers are sent to your tutor.

How does the coaching work?

We usually use Skype for the online coaching sessions. But we can use your organisation's online conference software just as easily. Or we can deliver the coaching by telephone and email. It's up to you. You have a personal online meeting with your tutor. The tutor will review your exercises with you, and you will be able to see some of the tutor’s suggestions on screen.

Skype is free software. You can download it quickly and easily if you don't already have it.

Is there an alternative to Skype?

We can deliver the coaching by telephone and email. We can also use Webex, but this may involve an extra charge – please ask us for information.


How much does the course cost?


This is for all four sections. The total course duration is approximately 4 hours e-learning and 2 hours of one to one coaching.

If you have more than one delegate please contact us for discounts.

How do I book the course?

Use the contact form on the left hand menu or call us on +44 (0)114 273 3800

We will send you a booking form with full instructions for starting the course.


Peter Kinch





To discuss how we can help call Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300.