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Writing letters and emails


It is crucial to any business that its employees are able to write letters and emails that are effective, accurate and represent the company in the strongest way possible.

This half-day course gives delegates a refresher on the key principles of writing effective and professional letters and emails. The aim is to improve the accuracy, style and structure of their writing.


As a result of attending the course, you will be able to:

  • use techniques for writing letters and emails that are clear and accurate;
  • ensure that the writing suits their readers;
  • plan and structure documents before writing them;
  • organise the flow of ideas in paragraphs and sentences;
  • use accurate grammar, punctuation and spelling;
  • know how to add emphasis and set the right tone; and
  • review their own work effectively.
Writing letters and emails
Writing letters and emails


  • The key qualities of effective writing
  • Focus on the reader
  • Objectives - what do I want to achieve?
  • Outlines and organising ideas
  • Emphasis and tone
  • Email tips
    • The subject line
    • Email etiquette
    • Final checks


Practical session using exercises tailored from examples of the delegates own work, including mutual reviews and discussion to identify successful techniques and habits.


3 hours


Anyone who wants to improve their letter and email writing skills

Maximum 15 delegates


Peter Kinch

Doug Robinson

Creating a course for your delegates

We always tailor our in-house courses. We liaise with our clients to ensure that we understand and deliver the key messages they want. And we include exercises relevant to their delegates’ work.


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