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Business writing coaching

If you’re looking for a quick and highly effective way to develop your business writing skills, coaching could be right for you.

We offer several formats for our one-to-one writing skills coaching.

How does one-to-one business writing coaching work?

You get a well-prepared and knowledgeable tutor all to yourself – no drumming your fingers waiting while someone else gets their slice of attention.

There are no exercises and no case studies - the tutor focuses entirely on your own current written work. You’ll be asked to supply some examples of your recent writing 10 days before your coaching session.

Here’s what a couple of delegates had to say about our business writing coaching:

"I felt the one-to-one session was much more helpful than a seminar with a larger audience. I was able to focus on my particular strengths and weaknesses."

"Well tailored to the individual using [my] own work. Practical and constructive advice."

Quote Ernest Hemmngway

Core writing skills for people in business

One-to-one business writing coaching 

It’s really simple. You email some samples of your writing to us. We review your work. And then we give you ideas and techniques for doing it better.

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Writing for publication


Online business writing course with coaching

This is an online business writing course with a difference. It's part e-learning and part online coaching.

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