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One-to-one business writing coaching



One hour. 

One purpose.

Highly focused coaching that improves your written work and won't wreck your day!


As a result of attending the coaching, you will:

  • learn to analyse and improve your own written work
  • receive a personal prescription with practical tips for improving your writing
  • discover an appetite for learning more
Writing for publication


The session will focus on whatever new skills you need to develop. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Developing a range of styles to suit your readers
  • Setting objectives and using structural tools
  • Checking grammar and punctuation
  • Changing the tone or emphasis
  • Writing persuasively
  • Exposing strengths and disguising weaknesses
  • Communicating about choices and options
  • Making demands and using 'deadlines'




One-to-one coaching session with individual attention and practical guidance. The session will be based on your own work. You provide up to 10 pages of your letters, emails, articles or proposal documents. We review them and help you to improve them.


1 hour


Anyone who wants to improve their writing skills


Peter Kinch

Linda Moran

Doug Robinson



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To discuss how we can help call Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300.