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E-learning: Writing effective emails


This course identifies some of the most common issues we face when writing business emails.  As well as tips on structuring the content of emails, it covers email etiquette and email management.

Most of us learn how to write emails ‘on the job’.  We don’t get much specific guidance.  However, this element of  ‘writing at work’ is so important that we recommend taking an hour to learn some quick techniques which will have a positive impact on your working life.


As a result of taking this course , you will:

  • plan and structure emails effectively;
  • write useful subject lines;
  • know how to start and sign off professionally;
  • be able to get your message across clearly and quickly; and
  • understand email etiquette when writing at work.
Writing for publication
Writing effective emails

The topics covered include:

  • Getting people to open your emails
  • Structuring a message in the most effective way
  • Grabbing attention in business emails
  • Keeping it brief
  • Using appropriate language and tone

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30 minutes


Perfect for anyone who is looking to improve their email writing.

If you want to buy multiple subscriptions please contact Kath Kinch.