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Understanding how to emphasise your key points is important, particularly when you are trying to influence your reader.

So how do you put the spotlight on the important bits?


They might be suitable options at times, but there are more subtle techniques that you can use to put emphasis in writing.

It is good to know when it is appropriate to use certain techniques for emphasis, as during the day you will jump between formal and informal writing. In these Quick Tips we look at the questions; should you use repetition? Will using an active or a passive sentence make a difference? Where should you position key points of your message in the writing? How will the length of your sentence affect the emphasis? Can abstract nouns make a difference in the formality of your business writing?

When considering these questions, it is more important than ever to think about where the reader stands. Are they with you or against you? Starting alongside your reader can instantly establish empathy.

What else can you do? Check out our quick tips for ideas on positioning, sequencing and word choice.

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Abstract nouns - what difference do they make to the formality of your writing?