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Quick tips


Help using Microsoft Office 2010

All word processing packages have time-saving short cuts and clever functions that can help you to produce better documents. However, many of us don’t have time to find out about them and struggle on doing things in the way we’ve always done them.

We use Microsoft Office 2010 and we know that there are loads of ways to help users to be more efficient and produce better looking business documents.

So we’re putting together some tips on using Microsoft Word 2010. We’re aiming to keep them to 5 minutes max so that you can dip in when you have a few minutes to spare.

If there’s a particular issue you struggle with in Word then drop us a line. If we can, we’ll create a new tip to help. Chances are you won’t be alone.

tables image
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Working with tables

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Working with columns

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Headers & Footers
Working with headers and footers
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Password protect
Password protect a Word document
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Paragraph numbering
Automated paragraph numbering in Word