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Quick tips



Got some questions about how to use punctuation marks?

This is where you'll find explanations, tips and exercises to help you improve.

Punctuation marks are like signposts.  They help the reader find their way and get to the message you want to send.  They allow your words and sentences to flow, which makes for a more enjoyable reading experience.

Sometimes, one small and seemingly insignificant punctuation mark can change the entire meaning of a sentence. So correct punctuation is vital in business writing.  Even if you are sending an informal email,you still need to make sure you are communicating your message accurately.

All of these Quick Tips are bite size - if you've got a few moments to spare you can dip in to look something up or test yourself to see what you already know.

Fancy a course instead so you can keep a record of your training? Our new punctuation course is coming soon. 

commas test image
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Commas test
Do you know when to use commas? Have a go at this quiz.
commas image
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Learn when to use commas.

apostrophes test image
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Apostrophes test
Do you always put an apostrophe in the right place?
hyphens test image
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Hyphens test
Do you know when to use hyphens?

capital letters image
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Capital letters
When to use capital letters.

its image
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Its or it's?
When should you use an apostrophe with its?