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Everything you write will either enhance or damage your reputation. So it’s vital to get into the habit of reviewing your own writing.

Don’t assume that it’s someone else’s job - or place too much reliance on spellchecker.

From the big questions “Have I achieved what I wanted to?” to the final checks (names, addresses, headers and footers, spell checking) you’ll find pointers here to help you when reviewing your work.

Need a checklist on how to review your work? It’s included here. There are also important proofreading tips.

Whatever piece of business writing you engage in, from quick emails to lengthy reports, allow time to read and check it before you send it.

avoid ambiguity image
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Avoid ambiguity
Is there a risk that your reader will misunderstand you?
unnecessary words
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Unnecessary words
When you’re writing business documents watch out for unnecessary words.
proofreading image
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Top10 tips for improving your proofreading.

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Being specific?
Could you be more helpful to your reader by being more specific?
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Checking spellings
How reliable is a spell checker?