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Quick tips



Need to brush up on your grammar?

This is where you'll find explanations, tips and exercises to help you improve.

Let’s face it, for some of us it has been a little while since we were sat in a school classroom reciting the answers to questions like ‘what are nouns?’ and ‘what are prepositions?’. Every now and again, it helps to refresh the mind and strengthen up our understanding, and use of, grammar.

Grammar is all about understanding how words are used, what their functions are in a sentence and how they relate to other words. Used correctly, grammar makes writing easier to understand and more enjoyable to read. Used incorrectly and writers risk their work losing credibility and respect.

There are many ways to be successful at business writing, but mastering good grammar will give you the best head start. Our Quick Tips on grammar are informative, fun, and yes you guessed it – quick.

All of the resources are bite size - if you've got a few moments to spare you can dip in to look something up or test yourself to see what you already know.

Fancy a course instead so you can keep a record of your training? A full grammar course is coming soon.

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Nouns test
Can you identify nouns?

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Different nouns
Find out about different kinds of nouns.

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Prepositions test
Can you identify prepositions?

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Conjunctions test
Can you identify conjunctions?

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Pronouns test
Can you identify pronouns?

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You and I?
When to use "you and I" and when to use "you
and me".
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Its or it's?
Find out when to use its and when to use it's.

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There or their?
Practise using there, their and they're.

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To, too and two
What's the difference between to, too and two?

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Affect or effect?
When to use affect or effect.

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Affect test
Do you know when to use affect or effect?

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Correct verb
Choosing the correct form of verb  

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Vague pronouns
Who does your pronoun refer to?