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Emails are often the biggest cause of frustration, information overload and communication blunders at work. Yet they are the most popular, practical and powerful tool of communication.

So where are people going wrong?

The Professional Email

These Quick Tips identify some of the most common bugbears when sending business emails. They give you lots of practical hints and tips to help you use email effectively.

Look at how to...

  • Send an efficient email
  • Start and sign off from an email
  • Develop your email etiquette

... Plus many more tips on sending a professional email.

Adopting these Quick Tips will save you time. And as you become more efficient at writing emails, you will help your colleagues and customers as well. They will be able to prioritise their work, quickly access the information in your emails and respond appropriately.

Click on a Quick Tip to see how you can get the results you want from your business email.

If you would like to look at business email writing in more depth, have a look at our course - Writing letters and emails.

emails image
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Email greetings
How do people like to be addressed in business emails?

emails signing off image
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Emails signing off
How do people react to different ways of signing off business emails?

7 tips for success image
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7 tips
Looking for ways to make your emails more effective? Here are 7 tips to help you get the results you want.
a cautionary tale image
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A cautionary tale
Sending emails can have unforeseen consequences.

delaying send image
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Delaying send
Ever clicked send and wished you hadn’t? Find out how to set a delay in Outlook 2010.