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When did you last get some helpful advice on how to use paragraphs?

I expect for most people the answer is "at primary school". That's a long time ago.

Writing Paragraphs

Good paragraph writing comes with practice. When you really focus on paragraph structure, you can see how paragraphs link together, what content goes where and how long paragraphs should be.

If you'd like some ideas on how to improve your paragraphs have a look at the tips and techniques below. You'll find answers to questions like:

  • Is there a right length for a paragraph?
  • How do you know when to start a new one?
  • How do you create a sense of flow from one paragraph to the next?

Want to look at paragraphs in more depth? There is a module on writing paragraphs in the Effective Business Writing course.

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Organising idea
Try to have one organising idea for each paragraph

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Sense of flow
An idea for creating a sense of flow in your paragraphs

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The big idea
A helpful structure for paragraphs.

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Linking paragraphs
A tip for creating a sense of flow between your paragraphs.
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Descriptive headings
Help the reader to get your message more quickly