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One of the most important things you can do to improve your writing is work on your planning.

How do I start writing?!

Spending a bit of time planning before you launch into writing will reap dividends.

In these tips you’ll see how to save yourself time and get the results you want by taking a few steps before you start to write. The tips cover setting objectives, spending a bit of time thinking about who will read your document and preparing an outline.

If you can introduce these techniques into your everyday work you’ll soon see how a bit of planning can make a big difference to the end document.

If you want to look at planning in more depth there is a module in the Business Writing Basics course.

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Purpose statement
Setting objectives for your writing using a purpose statement.
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The PAR box
An idea for getting action.

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Identifying barriers
Reading age.

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Using a question and answer structure.

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Consider using flowcharts when you’re writing about processes and procedures.