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Quick tips



Sentences and Phrases

These Quick Tips are based on common questions and problems that arise when people think about writing sentences.

What’s the right length for a sentence? How can you manage long sentences? What’s the difference between active and passive sentences? Are there any grammatical points to remember when you’re writing sentences?

If you would like to look at sentences in more depth, there is a module in the Business Writing Basics course.

key qualities of a sentence image
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Key qualities
What are the key qualities of a sentence?

sentence length image
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Sentence length
How long should a sentence be?

consistent phrasing image
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Consistent phrasing
What is consistent phrasing?

being specific image
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Being specific
Abstract or specific when you’re writing for business?

active and passive sentences image
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Active / passive
What’s the difference between an active and a passive sentence.
active and passive sentences test
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Active / passive test
Check whether you can identify active and passive sentences.