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About Us

'Writing Nest' now incorporates 'Work on Writing'.
Here is our training team.

The Writing Nest story

Back in 1998 Peter and Kath Kinch set up Kinch Robinson to provide training for lawyers. A big part of our training focused on developing our clients’ writing skills. We dedicated several years developing and fine tuning our training programme until the positive feedback was coming thick and fast. 

It wasn’t until 2009 that the lightbulb went on – ‘If lawyers need writing skills training then what about the rest of the business world?’ We’re not sure why it hadn’t occurred to us before, but once it did we set about developing our courses for non-lawyers. And we decided to launch a new brand – Work on Writing.

Nearly everyone we spoke to, in every kind of organisation, said that they have problems with business writing – in fact that was the message from over 94% of the people we surveyed.

So we’ve been delivering tailored in-house writing skills training and coaching to all manner of businesses and organisations since 2009. Our clients now range from charities to supermarkets, media organisations to energy companies.

Working with our clients we soon realised that budgets were never going to be big enough to allow organisations to train everyone they needed to through traditional face-to-face courses. And at the same time more and more of our clients were using e-learning as an additional training resource. So the Writing Nest was born!

Work on Writing and the Writing Nest ran alongside each other for 5 years. Many of our clients want blended learning, with e-learning to back up face-to-face courses. So in 2015 we took the decision to merge them into one brand – Writing Nest. It just made perfect sense!

Years of experience have shown us that changing people’s writing habits takes time and practice. So we want the Writing Nest to be a place for people to come for ideas and support and to work on their writing at their own pace.

Our vision for Writing Nest is to create an online resource packed with tips and techniques, as well as backing this up with traditional ‘classroom’ training.

We’re constantly working on new resources so follow us on twitter to keep updated on our latest courses. Alternatively, if we haven’t got the exact course that you and your team are looking for, get in touch with us at Writing Nest as we’d love to hear from you.

Our Team